Sarah Vizzard is a new children’s author from Manchester, UK

A wife and a mother of three teenagers, with over 20 years teaching experience, Sarah has put some time aside to focus on writing stories for young children, which she hopes will not only be enjoyed by many but will help children to believe in themselves. 

As a parent, Sarah feels that the competition between children can often be overwhelming. She created a series of short stories featuring the character of Anibabs. Originally the stories were written for her own children to help them focus not on what others could do but actually on the things that they can achieve. 

A big child at heart, Sarah has loved storytelling from a young age. She was inspired to create Anibabs by her father’s love of telling stories and the antics of her own children. She has written many books but this is her first published series. “Writing is a lot more fun, more exciting and easier than dieting!“, she says, “if these stories can help one child who feels caught up in a competitive environment, then it will be very rewarding.”


Lynsey the amazing
illustrator for Anibabs Amazing Talents

Lynsey Hilton is an Art and Photography teacher currently in Dubai, originally from Manchester in the UK.

She has recently delved into the wonderful world of illustration as a new way of working within the Art field after long days at work, finding it a much needed release of all things Teacher and Mum, when the kids have gone to sleep that is. 

Anibabs was the perfect fit, the birth of a young talented girl that goes on different adventures. Lynsey’s passion for art and design existed since Primary school. Creativity is her passion, exploring new ways of working and always seeking new avenues to be expressive. After having two children and reading many books with them during the bedtime routine, it became very apparent once reading Anibabs that she knew exactly who she would be. So, she began sketching and painting, and the birth of Anibabs in colour arrived! “I feel that when reading about a character in a book, especially with children they must become someone that they recognise, a true friend, an inspiration and a positive influence on them and most of all, should be fun!”, she says. “Working on this book has been an exciting new journey, and I can’t wait to see what Anibabs does next”.